You heard right. We're bringing out the big dogs within The Fancy Snarks.

Are you ready for some serious competitive play? Well we've got you covered! Introducing The Fancy Snarks Societies! Gather your teammates, apply to create a Society, and show off your skills. Battle other Societies, other Communities, reap rewards, prizes, benefits, and be part of the bigger picture. This is open to all types of games, so feel free to suggest away. To learn more, head on over to

Welcome snarks and guests to our FANCY SNARK SHOWDOWN (a.k.a. Tournament...shhh!).

This is the place to be for watching and/or participating in an amazing show of skill as some of the best compete in a no holds bar 1v1 showdown for the next top SNARK!!! The Tournament will be held on the 10th of June with check-ins beginning at 6:00pm CST and games starting at 6:30pm CST.



  • You need to arrive at least 30 mins early and check-in with our staff overseeing the Tournament.
  • The conditions of victory are: First Blood on the opposing champion, the first to reach 100 minion kills, or be the first one to destroy a Mid-lane tower.
  • You will be given a 5 minute grace period to show up for your match before you are disqualified due to absence.

  • You are not allowed to roam from mid lane to kill minions in the jungle or other lanes.
  • Killing jungle minions or roaming to lanes other than mid and killing minions there, will result in a disqualification (YOU LOSE).
  • We will not tolerate trash talk. You will automatically be Disqualified
Including but not limited to these examples:
gg ez, GG Nub, get rekt, ***k you, etc...

  • If you have a dispute please let us know and our staff will handle it accordingly.


If you do happen to win our all-out brawl then you will be rewarded with.......(drum roll please) a $20 RP card!!!!!
Worry not friends and snarks for if you happen to fall into 2nd place you will leave with $10 RP card!!
Last but not least, You made a few mistakes and tumbled into 3rd place allowing you to snag a Mystery Gift.

To clarify:
  1. 1st Place - $20 RP Card
  2. 2nd Place - $10 RP Card
  3. 3rd Place - Mystery Gift

In case you missed the first server meeting of the year here's a recap: 

  1. There are new server rules listed on the teamspeak. To view them, click the "Server Rules" header in the teamspeak. 
  2. If a problem between you and another user, try muting/blocking the person first. 
  3. If you or a person is currently going through a crisis and needs someone to talk to, the 1-on-1 therapy rooms are there for venting. If you need more assistance please refer to the hotline numbers listed in the "1-on-1 Therapy" header on teamspeak. 
  4. No one except admins are allowed to verify if a report has been made against you. Meaning, the only person that should be telling you that you were reported should only ever be an admin. That being said, only admins are allowed to talk to a person about a situation. We will never send anyone to talk to you on our behalf. 
  5. If a game is making you feel toxic, take a break. Instead of lashing out at your teammate you can:
    • Mute your mic and communicate via pings only.
    • Play a different game!
    • Get food, a drink etc.

Anything else you can think of... games aren't worth your sanity!

We have new fancy icons on the teamspeak! If you think you should have one of these icons, contact an admin. We're also considering adding in icons so people can show off their preferred/main roles. 

 - Recruit: A person who is not a member, but logs on regularly. (Pssst... You should totally sign up!)

 - Trusted: Someone who has been a member for at least 6 months.

 - Tenured: Someone who has been a member for at least 12 months.

 - Veteran: Someone who has been a member for at least 24 months. 

 - Junior: Someone who is the age of 16 or under. It's a friendly reminder to mind your conversations around them. 

And last but not least... EVENTS! We're finally hosting more community events. If you missed the meeting you still have time to get your vote in.

February Fancy Snarks Showdown Sign-Up:

Game Nights Poll:

Movie Nights Poll:

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact an admin! 

lilplm the 16 or under people should be the ones minding their conversations, they worse than us *cough* Hamza *cough*

Attention Snarkies! We'll be having a server meeting on Saturday, January 7th at 7:30PM CST. (Use the Time Zone Converter if you're unsure of the time or ask an admin) Although it's not required to attend, it's extremely beneficial to you Snarkies, and to us Admins. 

We'll be covering different topics and upcoming events, but most importantly, your voice gets heard. If you have any suggestions or ideas, the server meeting is a great place for it! We hope to see you there. 

lilplm I always miss the meetings rip

You heard right! We're bringing it back for good and working on incorporating it within the site as best we can! We've added it as a part of the servers page for everyone to see, as well as the group is open to all, so be sure to invite all your friends and bring this Facebook Group to life! Hope to see all of you Snarks there!

lilplm Aye i already joined

Send a Little Lovin'

lionmouse posted Jan 21, 16  -  TFSThe Fancy Snarks

Hey all! As you may or may not know, our Great and Powerful leader Jester Demi (alternatively known as J-Dems in some secret underground rap circles) is away at her technical training for the Great and Powerful Air Force, and she is fully expecting some grand fanfare for her return to us! Us adminly types were thinking of holding a tournament in her honor. Let us know if you have any other great ideas, but we're thinking maybe some giveaways, some prizes and general pommp and circumstance to let her know how much we all appreciate everything she's done for us! 

Krenkren Sounds like a Grand idea! Just give us the details!!!


lionmouse posted Jan 21, 16  -  TFSThe Fancy Snarks

Hey everyone, LionMouse here. And we want to know what YOU would like to see in this community. Shoot us a message or post on the forums and let us know! Weekly game nights? More charity events? Tournaments or servers? We want to know what would make this a better place for you! 

Krenkren Maybe a Weekly game night where we can all play together, whether it is League of Legends or something like Minecraft/Cr...
lilplm Tetris tournament \o/