Were you born for truly bigger and better things? Perhaps... Royalty? We believe you and so we're bringing in our NEW FOUND ROYALTY! We're talkin' even more perks, more giveaways, power, and greatness! Give a little and get a wholeeee lot of super sweet bonuses - Visit The Fancy Snarks Shop and Click on "New Found Royalty" to find out more. Everything that is put into the New Found Royalty goes right back into the community funding, aka, our servers, giveaways, and events. 

Here's some other perks to look forward to with New Found Royalty:

• Exclusive Discord Rank
• Access to Royalty Channel(s)
• Shoutout in Announcements of your new status
• Shoutout on Official TFS Social Media of your new status
• Ability to make temporary voice channels

But wait... That's not all that's going down! You all suggested it and we've gone ahead and made it real with all new mercandise! We've got hoodies, shirts, buttons, mousepads, and so much more to come @ https://shop.spreadshirt.com/TheFancySnarks

It was the night of Halloween, all your lights went out, you look around in panic and focus back to your computer only to see the most horrific sight... THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!

What a nightmare that would be. Good thing that isn't a true story, but this is:

We've done made some serious changes to the Discord Server to improve your experience:

  • Added weekly giveaways for all your freebie needs
  • Added a Support and Feedback channel as well as a new role for extremely helpful Snarks
  • Added server rules verification system to keep the spammers away
  • Added WAY MORE self-assignable game roles:
    • We now have over 37 different game channels customized to the games you play through self-assignable roles. The numbers of the games we have to choose from contntiues to grow thanks to the feedback of The Fancy Snarks community. Your input is important, so be sure to let us know if you have a game suggestion!

Noteable Website Updates:

  • Teams:
    • Added Ark team and new banner/logo

For those of you who strongly stand by Starcraft II custom games and play wayyy too much of Hero Line Wars, we have you covered on the Extended Heroes version and their abilities. There are a few differences from the regular Hero Line Wars that makes the "Extended Heroes" version a bit more unique. Two of the major differences is the fact that you now have less heroes to choose from but heroes now are jam packed with more spell options; you now have the option of picking from one of the 3 options per slot. Now that you've got a gist of what's new around here, let's hop into it!

Game Type:

Hero Battle

How to play:

Pick a hero and survive waves of enimies spawned by the enemy team

Major Differences from Original: 

Heroes will still have 4 abilities, but have the option of picking from one of the 3 options per slot.

Less heros to choose from

Helpful Tips:

You can type "-repick" to select a new hero

Right-click to auto send & never stop sending

Heros & Abilites:

(Starting from the top left of Hero Selection)


  • Q: Blizzard or Illusion
  • W: Water Elemental or Wise Counsel
  • E: Brilliance Aura or Time Bomb
  • R: Teleport or Frozen Orb


  • Q: Storm Bolt or Call Bear
  • W: Thunder Clap or Heroic Leap
  • E: Bash or Drunken Brawler
  • R: Avatar or Rallying Cry
  • T: Ironforge Fortitude


  • Q: Lighting Dash or Deadly Bonds
  • W: Shield Overload or Phase Jump or Servitor
  • E: Force of Will or Astral Wind or Chrono Boost
  • R: Resergunce or Shield Dome or Recontruction Beam
  • T: Ironforge Fortitude


  • Q: Shockwave or Smash
  • W: Warstomp or Call Quilbeast
  • E: Endurance Aura or Brute Force
  • R: Reincarnation or Massbloodlust
  • T: Ironforge Fortitude


  • Q: Flamestrike or  Firewall
  • W: Banish or Living Bomb
  • E: Sun Orb or Elemental Aura
  • R: Phonix or Meteor
  • T: Siphon Mana


  • Q: Holy Light  or Blessing of Might
  • W: Divine Shield or  Holy Aura
  • E: Devotion Aura or Radiance 
  • R: Retribution Aura


  • Q: Destruction Wave or Overcharge Amplification
  • W: Deadly Charge or Psionic Orb
  • E: Absorption or Mind Blast
  • R: Displacement Beam
  • T: Plasma Shields


  • Q: Entangling Roots or Regrowth or Monsoon
  • W: Force of Nature or Mass Entanglement
  • E: Thorns Aura or Guardian Wisps or Innervate
  • R: Tranquility or Tornado


  • Q: Healing Wave or Acid Bomb
  • W: Hex or Hawk Call
  • E: Serpent Ward or Spirit Mend
  • R: Big Bad Voodoo or Transmute


  • Q: Wind Walk or Victory Rush
  • W: Mirror Image or Command Aura
  • E: Critical Strike or Fortifying Brew
  • R: Blade Storm or Carnage


  • Q: Rail Snipe 
  • W: EMP Grenade
  • E: Sharpshooter
  • R: Nuclear Strike


  • Q: Impale or Haunt
  • W: Carrion Bettles or Virulent Cloud
  • E: Spiked Carapace or Locus Nest
  • R: Locus Swarm or Toxic Aura


  • Q: Chain Lightning or Monsoon
  • W: Feral Spirit or Ball Lightning 
  • E: Resistance Aura or Energy Conduit or Elemental Attendant
  • R: Earthquake or Thunderstorm


  • Q: Mana Burn or Surging Strike
  • W: Immolation or Shadow Fury
  • E: Evasion or Life Leech
  • R: Metamorphosis or Nether Portal


  • Q: Rain of Fire or Death Strike
  • W: Howl of Terror or Blood Boil
  • E: Cleaving Strikes or Void Reflexes
  • R: Doom or Void Zone


  • Q: Death Coil or Brighted Ground
  • W: Death Pact or Bone Servants or Death March
  • E: Unholy Aura or Remoresless Winter
  • R: Animate Dead or Soulshatter
  • T: Fury of Frostmourne


  • Q: Frost Nova or Curse of Mending
  • W: Frost Armor or Pain Spike or Ice Fortress
  • E: Dark Ritual or Soul Leech
  • R: Death and Decay or Wraith Form


  • Q: Corrosive Blast or Caustic Artillery
  • W: Spawn Infested Terrans
  • E: Regeneration Aura or Crippling Aura
  • R: Acid Nova or Nydus Dragon


  • Q: Soul Burn or Doomfire
  • W: Lava Spawn or Fiery Aura
  • E: Incinerate or Fire Golem
  • R: Volcano


  • Q: Carrion Swarm or Siphon Power
  • W: Sleep or Void Shift
  • E: Frenzy Aura
  • R: Inferno or Oblivion Shard


  • Q: Shadow Strike or Assassinate
  • W: Fan of Knives or Whirling Blades
  • E: Blink or Decoy
  • R: Vengence 


  • Q: Rapid Fire or Starsurge
  • W: Searing Strikes or Rune Trap or Banner of Grace
  • E: Trueshot Aura or Celestial Wrath
  • R: Starfall or Lunar Strike
  • T: Moonbeam


  • Q: Life Drain or Haunting Wave
  • W: Silence or Enslave
  • E: Black Strike or Anathema
  • R: Charm or Decrepify or Splitting Strikes

AT SLAYER Interesting...

As some of you might know, the Extra Life Marathon is this weekend! For those of you who don't know what Extra Life is... It is a 24-hour stream fundraising and gaming marathon to support Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 100% of the donations go to my local hospital. TOGETHER we will make a difference for sick kids! With that being said, we are looking to spread the word throughout TFS and beyond (family & friends) to help us raise money for the children in need. Interested in being actually a part of The Fancy Snarks Extra Life Team? You can sign up to be officially apart of TFS Extra Life team here: https://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.team&teamID=35885# If you sign up for The Fancy Snarks Extra Life team, one of the Admins know so we can add you into our schedule below so people are aware.

Extra Life Stream Schedule • TFS Official (www.twitch.tv/thefancysnarks) will be starting at 3PM PST |5PM CST | 6PM EST

Dexy (https://www.twitch.tv/kittensroar) will be starting at 11AM PST | 12PM CST | 1PM EST

• THIS COULD BE YOU (INSERTURL) will be starting at 3PM PST |5PM CST | 6PM EST

Minecraft Server Reborn!

Jester Demi posted Aug 8, 17  -  MCMinecraftServerTFS

It's the moment you've all been waiting for! The Fancy Snarks Minecraft server is back up and running. We've got two General Roles; For our guests we have straight vanilla and for TFS Members, a bunch of commands to keep it forever interesting as well as factions. We also have two Premium Roles for all of you super fancy Snarks; Kinda-Important-Person (KIP) which gives you the ability to fly and Very-Important-Person (VIP), which gives you access to a VIP room with unlimited resources, unlimited homes, command workbench, the ability to heal through a sign, and so much more!

SERVER ADDRESS: mc.thefancysnarks.com

It's about time we kick it up a notch. We're bringing somethings new to the table. Something big. Something totally worth your while... If you're down for a good time. We're talking about Giveaways! As always, we love to give back to the Community and you all have been really great. So here's to you. The Fancy Snarks will be starting off with a Weekly and Monthly League of Legends Giveaway and be discussing more options, so feel free to give us ideas. That doesn't mean tell suggest a game that no one else plays... Come on now, you gold digger.

Entering the Giveaways are simple; You rack up "Elegance" points by posting throughout the site and then use them to purchase a slot in the Giveaways.

Little disclamer so no one goes ham, background picture is a stock one from somewhere on the internet. 

Jester Demi It's simple, everyone. Elegance is the points system. You use Elegance to enter contests. Here's how to earn E...
DeWitt uh
JuanV interesting concepts i guess

A huge congratulations to the Fancy Snark Showdown 2017 winners!!! After some heightened 1v1 battles, it all had to come to an end - With DeWitt taking first place, Ace in second, and last but not least, Takumi blasting into third!!! Thank you for everyone who participated and we hope to see you all, plus more, next time.

lilplm I should be second place FeelsBadMan