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Cyberwind Snark wrote:
Q: How do I get membership?

A: Simply by signing up to our website here will grant you true power of membership. Once you've done that, hop back over to the Discord to link your membership ~
#bot_use and typing !enjin

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Airblaze Snark wrote:
Q: How do I see game channels?

A: By visiting
#bot_use and self-assigning yourself a game role, only then will you be able to see the game channels you want to. We did this in order to declutter your Discord and make it more personalized towards your very own interests.

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Blockborne Snark wrote:
Q: How do I self-assign roles?

A: Simply by visiting
#bot_use and typing in the command !assignable will show you a list of self-assignable roles. From there you can pick and choose which roles you'd like.

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Keanta Snark wrote:
Q: How do I get roles & awards other than the self-assigning ones?

A: Sign up to our site here and link your membership to your Discord profile by visiting
#bot_use and typing !enjin. Allow about 15 minutes for your linked accounts to sync up and you're good to go! Any awards will now be automatically applied to your account.